Incense Raw Materials

Many incense raw materials are used in the manufacturing of incense products. We aim to provide a one-stop solution for our customers by being able to supply many of these incense raw materials on a long term competitive basis. These incense raw materials include Gum Damar, Gum Benzoin, Incense Sticky Wood Bark & Powder (Machillus Powder), Joss Stick Fragrance Oil, Incense Wood Powder etc


These are tree exudated resin. Commonly used as one of the essential materials for making incense products.

Incense Sticky Wood Bark Powder

Commonly known as Makko, Tabu no ki, or Machillus Powder, it is derived from the bark of an evergreen tree (Machillus Thunbergii tree) commonly found in Southeast Asia. This is the binding powder used to bind all powder into a fixed form like Joss Sticks.   

Fragrance Oil

Fragrance Oils: This can be artificial fragrance oils, or plant-derived fragrance oil like Sandalwood / Agarwood Oil.

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